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Women's Glutamine

Increase Your Muscle Recovery Time With Our Women’s Glutamine Supplements

Our Women’s Glutamine products are specifically designed to increase your uptake of nutrients and allow for speedy muscle recovery.

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All About Women's Glutamine

Bootygoals Women's Glutamine Range

Our Glutamine offers a handy, all in one solution to help you meet your daily macro goals. Created exclusively for women, the Bootygoals Supplement range offers everything you'll need to build muscle, build fat and improve performance.

No matter whether your focus is weight training, aerobic exercise, sports or general health and fitness, Bootygoals has you covered.


Bootygoals Women's Glutamine Range
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What Are The Benefits Of Glutamine For Women?

Muscle Retention

Helping provide nitrogen to muscles during exercise helps prevent muscle breakdown and keep your muscles in shape during a heavy lifting session or long term cardio.

Improved Immune System

As Glutamine is an integral part of protein building, it plays a major role in the health of your immune system. Supplementing with L-Glutamine can help you maintain a healthier immune system.

Reduced Bloat

Glutamine has been proven to draw water and sodium into muscle cells which can help to reduce bloat.

Women's Glutamine Types

L Glutamine

L Glutamine and Glutamine is an amino acid which provides nitrogen to muscles synthesising protein. It also forms an integral part of immune system and gastrointestinal health.

Usually the body can produce enough Glutamine on it's own, but during workouts and periods of exercise, supplementing your glutamine can help improve protein synthesis.

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