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Women's Protein

Women’s Protein To Build Lean Muscle Mass

We have a wide range of women’s protein shakes, powders & supplements designed for lean muscle mass. Our range includes All in One Whey, Diet & Vegan Protein Powders

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All About Women's Protein

Bootygoals Women's Protein Range

Our Women's Protein range covers everything you'll need to meet your nutrition goals and help achieve those all important gains. Engineered with women in mind, the Bootygoals Women's Supplement range includes protein powders and protein shakes for every eventuality, from our 'go-to' All In One Whey to our Diet and Vegan Diet Protein.

Whether your training or lifting to build muscle, shed fat or increase your athletic performance, we're sure we've got a protein supplement for you.


Bootygoals Women's Protein Range
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What Are The Benefits Of Protein For Women?

Build Muscle Mass

Protein helps build muscle tissue when lifting weights and training, making it a key part of any lean muscle mass programme. One of the key worries women have is getting 'too bulky'; don't panic! This is impossible; no one can 'accidentally' get 'too muscular'!

Improved Recovery

As protein contributes to muscle tissue repair, protein supplements can help increase your recovery times. Meaning you can go harder, longer and much more frequently.

Weight Control

Protein helps us feel fuller, longer, making it perfect for a balanced diet and weight control. A protein heavy diet is much easier to maintain weight with than a carb of fat heavy diet.

Women's Protein Types

Whey Protein

Whey based protein powders contain all the essential amino acids, making it a perfect 'cover all' supplement which will give you piece of mind when your training.


Like Whey, Casein is derived from milk, which means it contains the full mix of essential amino acids women need when weigh training to build muscle.
The key difference with Casein is in it's slower digestion times; making it a perfect 'overnight' supplement, or, taken at breakfast; delivering a steady source of protein all day long.

Vegan Protein

Vegan protein for women is often made from either Pea or Soy derivatives; delivering essential nutrients for those on a meat-free diet.

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