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Women's Fitness, We've Got You Covered

Everything you want to know about fitness, workout guides, nutrition, diets and more. If it's women's fitness, it's here.

Best Booty Building Squat Variations Updated 2020 Hero Image

12 Best Booty Building Squat Variations (Updated 2020)

Which Muscles Do Squats Work? Squats are one of the staple exercises when it comes to building a bigger, fuller and tighter booty, along with lunges, kick backs and other glute focused exercises. Squats are known as a compound exercise, which means they work multiple muscles at once, predominantly glutes, hamstrings and quads, as well … Read more

Womens Protein Myths Debunked Hero Image

5 Women’s Protein Myths Debunked

Confused about protein? Our latest myth buster cuts through the bullsh*t Protein. It’s kind of a big deal in the fitness world, with advocates in gyms all over the world putting it on a pedestal as the holy grail of muscle building. The problem is, with every solid bit of advice out there comes at … Read more

What Are The Best Protein Sources for Women? Hero Image

What Are The Best Sources of Protein For Women?

Need A Protein Boost? There’s More Options Than You Think… Ok, you’re getting a bit more serious with your fitness, increasing the reps, dialling in your workout routines and taking some interest in your nutrition. The chances are, you’ve probably already worked out that getting your daily protein is an absolute must, especially if you’re … Read more

The Ultimate Gluten Free Diet Guide

The Ultimate Gluten Free Fitness Guide

Get Your Gluten Free Fitness Journey On Track Achieving your fitness goals can be difficult if you feel tied down or restricted by your diet. Whilst everyone has to make nutritional choices, whether it’s bulking, cutting, high fat or low carb; food choices based on gluten free can be especially daunting and confusing. There are … Read more

The Best Protein Powder For Women Hero Image

The Best Protein Powder For Women

Here’s The Lowdown on All Things Women’s Protein It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned professional or a total newbie when it comes to hitting the gym, it’s pretty clear to all; protein is an absolute must if you’re looking to build muscle and blast the fat. But how do you get enough protein in … Read more

Women's Beginner Booty Workout

Women’s Booty Workout

Everyday is #Humpday Focus on building that booty using targeted, glute activating exercises with our ultimate women’s booty workout. This workout guide includes a range of isolation exercises, most commonly used in booty workouts and a healthy mixture of strength building, coverall compound lifts. This routine is suitable for all experience levels and designed to … Read more

Women's Beginner Nutrition Guide

Beginner Nutrition Guide For Women

Work out your ideal diet plan, maximise those gains and develop an understanding of proper nutrition with our beginner’s guide for women. This guide explores the fundamentals of nutrition, including macro-nutrients, how many calories women need and how to reach your goals. We’ve broken every element down to keep things simple, hopefully giving you an … Read more

Beginner Gym Routine for Women

Beginner Gym Routine for Women

Burn fat, build muscle, increase your strength and improve your fitness with our beginner gym routine for women. This guide covers the fundamentals of the gym, including key compound lifts and commonly used exercises that are perfect for newbies. We’ve set out a 4 week plan, giving you an ideal starting point for your fitness … Read more