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The Ultimate Gluten Free Fitness Guide

Get Your Gluten Free Fitness Journey On Track

Achieving your fitness goals can be difficult if you feel tied down or restricted by your diet. Whilst everyone has to make nutritional choices, whether it’s bulking, cutting, high fat or low carb; food choices based on gluten free can be especially daunting and confusing. There are loads of myths, mysteries and down right lies out there about what you can and can’t eat on a gluten free diet, which can make it incredibly difficult to get right.

Don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered! Our ultimate gluten free fitness diet guide tells you everything you need to know about gluten free dieting, training, protein and much more. No more unknowns…

Is Whey Protein Gluten Free?

Whey protein is made from animal derivatives as a by-product of cheese manufacturing, which doesn’t usually contain gluten. That means that in most cases, good quality whey protein and whey protein isolate is gluten free and can be taken as part of a gluten free diet, or as a supplement for training with gluten specific requirements such as Coeliac Disease.

Are Vegan Proteins Gluten Free?

Generally, Pea Protein is gluten free. However, the majority of protein supplements on the market offer a blend which isn’t gluten free. This is because a blend of Soy, Pea and Hemp most closely mimics the effects of Whey.

Gluten Free Nutrition Guide Block Image
A gluten free diet still provides all the nutrition you could ever need.

What Are The Best Gluten Free Protein Sources?


Red meats such as beef and lamb can provide a healthy, gluten free source of protein, which delivers a slightly higher fat content in general to chicken and poultry. We recommend checking the gluten content of processed meat or mince as these can sometimes be mixed with bulking agents which may contain gluten.

Chicken & Poultry

Poultry such as chicken and turkey provide an ultra lean, gluten free protein source that’s versatile and delivers some of the highest protein content per gram.

Avoid coated chicken, such as kievs or escalopes, which will most likely contain gluten.

Fish & Seafood

Fish and seafood help provide you with a good source of protein, as well as healthy fats such as omega 3, whilst also being gluten free. As with chicken and poultry, avoid coatings such as batters and breadcrumbs.


Beans, nuts, lentils and peas are all a safe source of protein for a gluten free, plant based diet.

Can I Take Pre-Workout On A Gluten Free Diet?

Most pre-workout supplements are safe to take when following a gluten free diet, including most pre-workout powders and tablets.

Which Supplements Are Safe For Gluten Free?

There are a range of supplements that are gluten free, which should cover pretty much any need. Our range includes everything from Glutamine to Creatine and Gluten Free Protein, if you are considering other manufacturers, it’s worth checking to see if they have a dedicated gluten free supplement page, for peace of mind.

Make sure you always check your supplement packaging for full guidance, as this should be labeled safely and correctly.

Does A Gluten Free Diet Affect Exercise?

Up to press, there isn’t enough testing undertaken to accurately determine whether a gluten free diet affects exercise. One short term study suggests that following a gluten free diet can help improve aerobic activity, although this is disputed.

With food resources ever expanding and the improvement in diet supplementation, there is an ever decreasing impact upon performance, when following a gluten free diet.

Does A Gluten Free Diet Affect Bodybuilding?

Again, there is a distinct lack of comprehensive study to give a definitive answer on whether a gluten free diet can affect bodybuilding. Following a gluten free diet correctly should not negatively impact your bodybuilding performance. If you are concerned, ensure you are meeting your daily calorie requirements as a minimum.

The Wrap Up

We hope we’ve cleared up a few things about keeping fit, whilst following a gluten free diet. At Bootygoals, we’re trying to approach supplements from a different, more useful angle. That’s why we’ve developed a nutrition key, that clearly marks all of our products and who they’re suitable for.

If you’re looking for gluten free supplements, see our dedicated Gluten Free Page, or look out for the Gluten Free Logo on any product page.

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