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Women’s Booty Workout

Everyday is #Humpday

Focus on building that booty using targeted, glute activating exercises with our ultimate women’s booty workout.

This workout guide includes a range of isolation exercises, most commonly used in booty workouts and a healthy mixture of strength building, coverall compound lifts. This routine is suitable for all experience levels and designed to fit perfectly into your current fitness regime.

Before You Start

You’re probably eager to get going, but there are a few things to take into consideration before you start:

Don’t Neglect Compounds

Although it can seem counter-intuitive to be performing compound lifts when you’re trying to build one key area; they should be the cornerstone of any routine. In this case, squats and deadlifts not only help build the glutes but also raise the bar (through increased strength) on those isolation exercises.

Add Some Holds

Of all the muscle groups, we firmly believe than none benefit more to conscious mind-muscle connection and time under tension than the glutes. Add a few seconds hold or pauses into your lifts to really develop your muscles. A quick three second count at the bottom of a squat can make the difference between a good booty and a great one.

Keep It In Proportion

You never skip leg day right? So why skip anything else? We know it’s all about that killer booty these days, but just remember to keep thing in proportion. Keep those other muscle groups in mind for a well rounded, aesthetic physique.

ExerciseWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Barbell Squats5x55x55x55x5
Barbell Deadlifts5x55x55x55x5
Hip Thrusts3x123x124x124x12
Hip Abductor3x123x124x124x12
Glute Kickbacks3x153x154x154x15

Barbell Squats

There’s pretty much nothing a good, heavy barbell squat can’t solve. Looking for the perfect booty? Try some squats. Wanna get super lean? Try some squats. Life spiralling out of control? Ok, maybe squats aren’t that good, but they do play a major part in serious workout routines; including glutes.

We know, there’s plenty of discussion on how effective squats are in isolating glutes, but we’ve included them in our booty workout for a few reasons. Firstly, squats can help build a solid strength foundation, improve core muscles and generally increase your performance. Basically; more overall strength, heavier isolation lifts, bigger glute muscles.

Secondly, squats, whilst not as hyper focused as some other exercises on our list, will keep other surrounding leg muscles in check, creating a better balance and really showing off that new bum.


Once you’ve warmed up with some squats, it’s time to move on to another one of our favourites; the traditional deadlift. Again, there are plenty of alternatives out there, which others may prefer (stiff legged being a good example), but we’re including a tried and tested old faithful.

Keeping reps low means you can push the weight a little, building that core, legs and glute foundation, key for improving isolation movements too.

Hip Thrusts

This can sometimes be a two man job, depending on how heavy you’re thrusting; so keep in mind you may need help getting the bar in place.

Using a bench to support your weight, this exercise is all about effectively driving a weighted barbell with your hips. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and remember to hold those glutes at the top of the lift for a bonus pump.

Pro tip: If your gym has deadlift bumper plates these can sometimes make life easier when getting your body into place!

Hip Abductor

There are a few ways you can perform a decent hip abduction; which essentially means moving the leg away from the centre of the body.

The first and easiest way is without any weights or machine assistance, simply lay on your side and raise your leg into the air, creating a ‘V’ shape with your legs. Switch sides and repeat. Higher reps will be needed for this, as the body isn’t put under much resistance. However, you can make this a little more difficult by using resistance bands (attaching both legs together so it’s harder to raise your leading leg) or, for that original 80’s vibe, using ankle weights.

Most gyms have Hip Abductor machines these days, which we highly recommend. Ensure the machine is set to abductor (as there may be multiple options, make sure you’re pushing your legs outwards), find a comfortable weight and away you go! To isolate the booty, sit upright with a slightly forwarding arch in your back, focusing on contracting the glutes at all times.


Welcome to the ministry of silly walks. Sorry, you will probably struggle with lunges at first, but trust us, they’re worth it when it comes to improving that peach.

Although lunges can be done with barbells and kettlebells, we recommend using dumbbells which offer the most control, ease of use and safety; making them perfect for beginners too. With a dumbbell in each hand, simply lunge forward with one foot as far as you can, making sure your trailing leg bends towards the floor, you know, like a lunge. Bring your leading leg back up to the start position, repeat and alternate.

Start light with lunges and make sure your form is perfect, these can be a little tricky and, at first, could send you off balance. If you’re struggling with dumbbells, consider switching up to a smith machine which offers a little more stability, whilst still focusing those upper legs.

Glute Kickbacks

Glute kickbacks are one of the unsung heroes of booty building, deserving a place in any routine. We’re finishing off with these as, by now, the glute muscles should be pretty well worked, making kickbacks doubly as effective, essentially, just adding that extra ‘tweak’ to your session.

Adopting a press up position, with knees and legs bent in at the torso (think ‘cheating press ups), the aim is to bring a leg up into the air, effectively ‘kicking back’. Alternate each leg, for the required reps.

To perform these correctly, ensure the hamstring stays parallel with the back during movement, whilst the calf remains perpendicular.

Pro tip: If you really want a challenge, you can mix these in with cables and resistance bands for added effort.

The Wrap Up

We really hope you enjoy our Beginner Gym Routine for Women, we’re sure it will set you up well for a long and rewarding weight training lifestyle. If numbers are your thing, why not download our log-sheet? It provides you with the entire 4 day routine, as well as sets and rep ranges, with space to record your lifts; perfect for monitoring and improving your strength.

With this routine, we recommend rest periods between 60 and 90 seconds, with perhaps a little longer between compound exercises. Remember to keep it intuitive, listen to your body and find your feet in the gym. Lastly, keep it enjoyable!

Good luck, we’re sure you’ll be feeling stronger, better and all round awesome in no time. Now go out and get those gains!

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